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Today’s date: ______________ Breed: Rottweiler   Color: Black & Mahogany

DOB: _____________ Male____ Female _____

Puppy Name: _________________________________AKC#_______________


Dam: _______________________________________                                                                    

This puppy is sold as a quality pet companion puppy for the price of $_________
Puppy will be registered with American kennel Club AKC

Deposit: $_________ Balance due: $_________ Balance due Date: ___________

Voluntarily enter into and agree to all terms stated in this contract as witnessed by their signatures below.
1. If for any reason buyer is not able to keep this pup/dog, it must be returned to breeder with all
necessary paperwork signed and turned over without any money refund.

2. Buyer agrees to use the kennel name “Von Schoner Dame” as the prefix in the registered name of the

3. Maintain up to date vaccines, wormings, and to keep the dog / pup in humane conditions, providing
proper food, water and shelter.

4. Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian with two 48 Hours (not including
weekends and holidays) of receipt of puppy/dog.

5. If said puppy/dog develops hip dysplasia within 24 months from date of birth, the Buyer may return the
dog to Seller and will receive a replacement puppy/dog of like quality from the next available litter, or may
keep the dog, which will be spayed or neutered, and Seller will replacement puppy/dog of like quality from
the next available litter, Buyer is responsible for costs of crate, and cost of freight charges

6. Buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as an agent in the purchase or this puppy/dog and that Buyer
will not sell this puppy/dog or its progeny to any agent, pet store or guard dog business..

7. Seller shall provide Buyer with Official AKC Ownership Registration Form.
Initials: Breeder______ Buyer______                             Page 1 of 3

Your puppy from Von Schoner Dame Kennels is guaranteed...
1. To be in good physical condition for the first 48 hours after the time of delivery to the buyer. The buyer
agrees to have the puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours after delivery time for a
complete physical examination. If the Veterinarian finds the puppy to have a serious physical condition
other than a viral or bacterial cold or bacterial infection, such as Coccidia or Giardia (bloody stools), which
is easily treated, the seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of comparable or better quality, when
available from same or upcoming litter, after the first puppy is returned to the seller.The seller reserves
the right to a second Veterinarian opinion at the expense of the seller. If the puppy is not examined by a
Veterinarian within 48 hours after delivery time, all guarantees listed are not valid. No monies will be
refunded. Puppies are at risk for Coccidia and Giardia (bloody stools) which is often brought on by the
stress of shipping, a new home, new food, new people, change of climate or surroundings. etc. Puppies
shipped also seem more prone to have bouts with Coccidia or Giardia (bloody stools). Another thing that
may show up with shipping and/or the stress of moving and a new home is Kennel Cough (Bordatella-a
raspy cough may be signs of this) which is common in dogs that are shipped and is usually caused by
bacteria.Kennel cough is self limiting and like the common cold, it must run its course. Full recovery is
expected and kennel cough, Coccidia or Giardia on their own are not life threatening. All puppies are
treated and vaccinated for Coccidiosis, Giardia and Kennel Cough, before they leave. However, you need
to be aware that these things can arise and that they are usually not serious (even though seeing blood in
the stool appears serious) and are easily treated. We will not cover the
treatment for them.   Initials: Breeder______ Buyer______

1. Seller strongly recommends that Buyer attend obedience classes with Puppy and provide proper
socialization opportunities for Puppy.
2. Seller shall not be held responsible for acts of Puppy, which are due to Buyers negligence.
3. Should Puppy exhibit aggressive behavior which Buyer deems intolerable and irreversible within 12
months after purchase, Buyer will provide Seller with proof that Puppy has been sufficiently socialized and
that obedience classes and other structured training methods have been attempted with no results. Upon
receipt of such proof, evaluations of Puppy will be scheduled with three recognized, breeders or trainers,
one to be chosen by Buyer, one to be chosen by Seller, and one to be chosen jointly. Should Puppy be
deemed overly aggressive by two of the chosen breeders/trainers, Seller will arrange for euthanasia of
Puppy and provide Buyer with a replacement breed quality puppy as soon as such a puppy is available to

Seller,    Initials: Breeder______ Buyer______                                             Page 2 of 3

The Buyer and Seller agree that this is the full and complete agreement that exists between the parties for
the sale of this dog / puppy. Any agreements made prior to this are considered incorporated herein and
any modifications made to this agreement shall be made in writing or such shall not be effective.

Seller's Name: Eric & Maribel Cortez  Email: Rottweilers@VonSchonerDame.com

Seller’s Signature: X_____________________   Date:  ______________

Buyer's Name: ________________________________________________

Buyer’s Full Address: _____________________________________________

         City: _________________ State:__________ Zip Code________

Email address: _________________________Telephone_________________

Buyer’s Signature: X______________________   Date:  _____________
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